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“Really cool concept. I think the zombie sub-genre of horror is a somewhat saturated at this point…having a really clever way of telling the story…already makes it fresh in my mind.”

-D C Wight-Hammer, author of the Between Two Minds series

In a zombie apocalypse, two friends try to come together, but the deads aren’t the only ones keeping them apart.

With the publication of her horror anthology, Blood Drops, WB Welch brought a fresh voice to the horror community, exploring the psychological side of what scares us while showing us how far some are willing to go. Now, WB Welch has teamed up with co-author Tory Hunter to create The Last Letter, a zombie story that will break your heart as it tears out your insides.

The power has been out for a month, the roads are clogged with abandoned vehicles, and the dead roam the streets. In a quiet suburb on the outskirts of an unnamed city, the only survivors of this apocalyptic nightmare hide out in their homes with plywood on their windows and furniture blocking their doors.

For weeks, a young waitress named Laura is stuck in her attic and running out of food while the dead pile into her house, drawn to her scent. Down the street, her friend Morrigan, a firefighter before the world ended, has barricaded herself in her two-story home with her dog, unaware Laura is still alive.

When a neighbor named Jacob begins making supply runs and delivering them to the survivors on his street, he rescues Laura, secures her house, and offers to carry a letter to Morrigan. Thus begins a correspondence between friends and, together, they discover the dead might be the least of their worries.

THE LAST LETTER is a zombie story for people who don’t read zombie stories. Tense, emotional, and gritty, this series of letters explores how fast the dark side of human nature emerges when society collapses.

The co-author experience was a new one for both Tory and WB, but they note that it worked quite seamlessly on this project. They had a vision for how they wanted the story to go. Not a tense structure, but they seemed to know how they wanted the book to make people feel. The letter format allowed for a natural evolution of the story. 

“It reminded me of my childhood, when having pen pals was a real thing. It made me nostalgic, waiting to receive the letter from my friend, even though I knew I was watching this tense story evolve.” -WB Welch

“It made for a more interactive experience than the typical method of writing a narrative. Through the action of writing and trading letters with WB, I was able to immerse myself into this world and really feel Laura’s fear and anxiety.” -Tory Hunter

WB Welch often focuses on the darker side of human emotions, striving to write honest fiction with texture. Publishing credits include Blood Drops, Brenna’s Wing, and “Baby Muncher” in Thrice Fiction. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Southern Methodist University.

Tory Hunter has evolved as a symbol in the Twitter writing community. She is quick-witted and a ball of energy, but she is also a storyline ninja with over twenty years in the writing industry. Her debut title under this pseudonym, The Last Letter, sets the tone for the kind of work we can expect to see from her.


The Last Letter

by WB Welch and Tory Hunter

Publication Date: July 14, 2019


ISBN: To Be Assigned

Genre: Horror, Suspense

Available At:

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